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Sensory processing and self-regulation are arguably THE most important skills to strengthen in kids on the spectrum who are struggling with developing language. So why is it that us SLPs are not trained in these areas? 

We know children on the spectrum often have differences in sensory processing. A sound or touch that may be tolerable to us, may cause the child to become immediately dysregulated.

And what happens when a child is dysregulated? The child is no longer in a place where he is attentive and ready to learn. And now our job becomes extremely difficult. 

In order to get the most out of our sessions, we NEED to know how to a) get children into a regulated state, and b) keep them in a regulated state. 

That’s why I created a 7-step process just for SLPs working with young kids on the spectrum who have difficulties with sensory processing. 

 In this mini course, I show you exactly what areas to assess, and what types of sensory strategies to integrate into your sessions to get your kids attentive, regulated, and ready to learn.

This Sensory Processing & Self-Regulation Mini Course is for the SLP who wants to learn how to increase children's attention and regulation. 

This course covers everything SLPs need to know about sensory processing and how it relates to what we do in our speech & language treatment sessions.


Sign up and you will receive:

  • HOW TO videos that are 2-7 minutes in length, totaling approximately 1 hour of viewing time

  • A 20 page GUIDE & TOOLKIT containing reproducible handouts that can be used immediately in your sessions


What Course Participants are Saying:


"I loved all the sensory activities. It gave me so many ideas of things to try and I didn't feel like I was doing the same thing over and over."

"The demonstration videos were extremely valuable. Many times I have very tough clients and it is good to see different activities to try and how they work on a child."

" I loved everything about this course. It was filled with so much valuable information!"