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Why Targeting Problem Behaviors Doesn't Work and What To Do Instead

Targeting behavior isn't effective! We need to target the root cause instead...

In this week’s live, you'll find out:

✔ Some of the most common errors in thinking that prevent us from successfully aiding our kids in behavior modifications.

✔ Why behavior goals don't work for children (and what you can do about it)...

✔ How to differentiate between "surface level" behavior goals and deeper, more targeted goals that have a real impact...

✔ Some easy thinking strategies you can implement to start creating better goals for clients/students...

✔ And more!

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Di Tat
Di Tat
Jul 14, 2022

Hi, I can't work out where to sign up for your parent mini course you discussed in this video. Can you please explain how to do this?

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