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Let's Talk About Autistic Gender Identity & Relationships Ft. Neurodivergent Rebel

This week we're doing a backwards spin on Valentine's Day - let's talk about challenging social constructs when it comes to gender identity.

This episode we are joined by Lyric Rivera is a trans-nonbinary, pansexual, polyamorous Autistic person who runs the internationally recognized Neurodivergent Rebel blog & Youtube Channel.

Lyric is also the Owner of NeuroDivergent Consulting, and author of the best-selling business ethics book, Workplace NeuroDiversity Rising, praised in Forbes as “an excellent ‘how to manual’ based on lived experience and professional competence.”

Rivera is also known as the pioneer of the #AskingAutistics hashtag.

Check out Lyric's site here:

Check out Lyric's Youtube channel here:

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