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Improve Everyday Life By Understanding a Child's Sensory Patterns

Fulfill your clients’ sensory needs by understanding which one of the 4 sensory patterns they exhibit. This eye-opening episode can change EVERYTHING in your sessions.

Based on the world-renowned research of Dr. Winnie Dunn and the ASHA article we co-authored... This week’s free live show is all about:

✔ Understanding the 4 different sensory patterns that ALL your clients fall into (actually, that all humans fall into! But more on that in the episode...)

✔ How these sensory patterns cause clients to react or not react to sensory inputs (prepare to see your clients behavior in an entirely new light!)

✔ How you can classify clients so you can better fulfill their sensory needs (I'll be giving some real life examples to make this crystal clear...)

✔ Giving you some concrete and practical strategies to use with each type of client (these WILL help improve regulation and engagement in your clients starting TOMORROW!)

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