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How To Increase Regulation & Learning By Being Proactive Instead Of Reactive To Sensory Needs

You know what it’s like to feel out of control, unable to help a child return to a regulated state once they’re already dysregulated. But what if you could “read the signs” that exist BEFORE a child ever gets to that point by understanding their sensory needs and proactively making adjustments for them?

You can avoid dysregulation and breakdowns in communication by proactively planning for sensory needs. When you attend this free LIVE show, you’ll hear about:

✔ How autistic kids’ sensory systems work (and how they differ from neurotypical systems)... ✔ Why it’s important to understand sensory body signals… ✔ How you can spot sensory needs and help children by “co-regulating” and adjusting to necessary sensory inputs… ✔ Why it’s so important to get teams on board with this approach (and some easy ways to help them make the shift)... ✔ A special announcement you won’t want to miss if you’re interested in sensory-based therapy!

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