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How I Survived The Horrifying Moment When I Realized: “I’m doing this all wrong.”

If you’re an SLP who’s ever struggled to help your autistic kids—you won’t want to miss this…

Speech Dude & Jessie Ginsburg are getting vulnerable together for their first LIVE show premier!

Get an inside look at the deepest struggles they’ve faced when serving autistic kids and communicating with their parents—and discover some of the most important lessons they’ve learned so you can avoid making the same mistakes.

If you’ve ever struggled to help your autistic kids or wondered how to communicate more effectively with their parents, you won’t want to miss:

✔ The easiest way you can start improving your therapy sessions with autistic kids right now (hint: it doesn’t cost anything, and you already have access to it).

✔ A simple mindset shift that can transform every speech session you ever have, especially if you work with younger autistic children. (Jessie)

✔ An important “missing piece” in the therapy we typically deliver to autistic high schoolers. And how you can start filling it. (Speech Dude)

✔ Some of our favorite simple & easy ways to communicate these concepts with parents and professionals.

Plus… in the first 5 minutes you’ll get in on a big announcement that will change our lives forever.

Watch below!

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