How I went from the confused and defeated clinician to helping thousands of SLPs create assessment and treatment plans that actually work.

Before there was ASD from the Inside Out...there was a confused and defeated therapist.

Frustrated about lack of progress.

Questioning my therapy approaches.

Wondering if these kids would ever "make it" in the real world despite knowing that I had their absolute best interest at heart.

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Ice Cream, Imagination, and a Bad Case of Imposter Syndrome

It was not a walk in the park to get here.

While I was thoroughly trained in my first job by not one, but three incredible mentors, and my transition from trainee to clinician was fast-paced and smooth...

The road to finding myself as a therapist was not fast or smooth.

I was hit with a major case of imposter syndrome. When I would see the silhouette of a supervisor peeking through the observation window on my door...being a therapist felt harder and scarier than it should. There were a lot of evening ice cream sessions. I dreamed of better days ahead.

My imagination brought me from there to here. I would say from A to Z, but it wasn't that linear or simple. It was more like "over the river and through the woods..."

When I started to rethink my assessment process and redesign my treatment sessions....

I started making a greater impact.

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It wasn't as easy as 1...2...3

I was ready to make a difference but it wasn't going to be easy.


One of my clients was a 3 year old boy who was nonverbal. Did I mention our sessions were 3 hours long?!

I tried anything and everything (and I mean everything) to connect with this boy.


It was time for me to submit a video for all of the clinical supervisors to review. I was terrified.


I took a video of him dancing on the table and jumping off into my arms. He was the most connected and engaged I'd ever seen him. I was sure these supervisors had never seen him like this. I was so excited for them to see it.


By the way, if you didn't see this coming, a little word to the wise: Do not submit a video to your supervisors in which you are encouraging a toddler to stand and jump off of furniture. Lesson learned.


But I also learned that sometimes it takes wildly unconventional ideas to truly connect with a child.

I was on a mission.

I discovered that in order to make a difference, not only in a child's communication skills, but in his life, I needed to think in a new way.

So I did a "brain dump" of everything I knew about working with kids on the spectrum. And I learned:

  • Language and social skills are not the only areas that SLPs should be assessing

  • ​Intrinsic motivation is a key element that is often overlooked

  • ​A child's learning starts with human connection

And after I had too many "ah ha" moments to count...

Personal Desk

I created an Autism Core Skills Evaluation that helped me morph into confident therapist ready to change the kid at a time.

And the best part is...

I have the honor of helping therapists just like you.


With a simple & quick informal assessment.

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Start diving inside out.

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A Little About Me

Mom to two always adorable and mostly sweet little boys, Connor (4) and Tucker (2)

Founder of Pediatric Therapy Playhouse, a multidisciplinary clinic in Los Angeles

Contributor to the American Speech Language Hearing Association magazine

Viral video creator

Board member of the California Speech Language Hearing Association 

Hometown is Carmel, California

Have had my mini-horse, Fritz, since I was 9 years old


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