There’s always more you could learn to help your autistic students, but you’re short on time.

And most continuing education for SLPs falls short. 

It’s about time you...

Get the SLP Training You Actually Want and Need from a Trusted Source — with Zero Fluff 

The strategies, support, and community to help you make a bigger impact for autistic kids… all in one convenient place.

Ever Feel Like Most Continuing Education for SLPs Is a Waste of Your Time?

Same. Aside from that rare gem, typical Continuing Ed for SLPs is:

Drawn-out and stuffy — Let’s face it, you could have spent those hours doing something more productive, instead of watching a 250-page slideshow full of material you’ll never use again.

Heavy on theory, but light on the practical stuff — It can be helpful to know the theory behind what you’re learning...but in reality, you just want to know how to apply it to your work, so you can help your autistic kids make progress.

One-sided and non-interactive — Most CE training includes little (if any) live interaction with the teacher, nevermind getting your specific questions answered, or having a community to turn to as you’re implementing what you’ve learned.

But...wait. I thought CE was supposed to help you stay up-to-date in the field, so you can help your autistic students in new and improved ways?

Maybe it might even help make your job easier?

Too often, that’s not the case at all. And it leaves you feeling alone, without the support of a community, with no one to turn to when you have questions. 

Do you feel like you’re falling behind, while knowing your autistic students could be moving ahead so much faster? 

I know exactly how you feel because I’ve been there. 

The good news is, you’re not alone in this. 

Hi, I’m Jessie

We’ve probably met, but just in case, I’m Jessie Ginsburg, M.S., CCC-SLP. 


Let me tell you my story...


I used to feel confused and defeated every day as a therapist...


​I was constantly frustrated about the lack of progress with my autistic kids.


Even though I’d done everything I was trained to do…

It wasn’t working. 

That’s when I discovered that in order to make a difference, not only in a child's communication skills but in their life, I needed to think in a new way.


So I did a "brain dump" of everything I knew about working with autistic children. And I had

my big "ah-ha" moment:


A child's learning starts with human


You might know that I’ve taken every sensory processing course I could get my hands on.

...even though they were meant for OTs, and the coursework was grueling. I did it.

It took a lot of time to figure out how I could take these strategies and integrate them into my speech sessions.

I took the courses. I did the hard work. I spent loads of cash.


​So you don't have to.

You’ve invested in the INSIDE OUT course. Now, you want ongoing support.

What if you could get only the best and most applicable info distilled into 30 to 60 minute monthly training sessions?


So, you can stop sitting through useless slideshows and get exactly what you need to help your kids make progress.


But that’s not all there is to it...

I knew SLPs weren’t getting what they needed to most effectively support their autistic kids.

...and I wanted to change that.

I created the INSIDER Community, so SLPs can:

 Get continued professional training from a trusted source — continuing education you can USE every day, so you can learn the most up-to-date methods to support your autistic students.


Get a high level of support in implementing all of the strategies you’re learning in the INSIDE OUT Sensory Certificate Course — so you can integrate these strategies into your practice with complete confidence.


 Connect and collaborate with INSIDE OUT trained therapists from all around the world — all coming together for one cause — to support our autistic students in the best way possible.

Instead of feeling frustrated that you have nowhere to go to get answers to your most pressing questions, or wishing you had access to a group of professionals who get the challenges and rewards of working with autistic kids…

Imagine what it would be like to:

Learn exactly what you need to know to get better results with your autistic kids.


Take the time to apply what you learned during your therapy sessions and…


Follow up! You can come back to me, my team, our guest experts, and our community with case-specific questions, to share results, or troubleshoot as you implement.

I created this just for you...




A private membership for INSIDE OUT therapists, where you get training, coaching, accountability, and a community of like-minded, passionate professionals — all with a common goal of making more progress with your autistic students.



Monthly Training

Focused training from trusted sources, like Jessie, that you can apply directly to your work. Get exactly what you need in 30-60 minutes and get on with your life.

Group Coaching

The power is in the follow-up! After you’ve had time to implement what you’ve learned, we circle back for a Q & A session with the specialists.

Peer Masterminds

You’ll be matched with a small group of your peers for problem-solving, feedback, and a trusted perspective on your most challenging cases. 



You can’t do your best for autistic kids if you’re feeling alone, stuck, or overwhelmed. That’s where Coach Celina comes in to help you move forward.

Private Community

You’ll be part of our members-only community where you’ll meet like-minded professionals who all believe in the INSIDE OUT Method.

Resources & Tools

Your SLP toolbox will continue to expand with special resources that are developed for trainings by Jessie & her team only for Insiders.

Upcoming Special Guest Trainings

This alone is well worth the investment in membership...

Alex Zachos, MS, CCC-SLP
Meaningful Speech

Tuesday, September 21

12 p.m. PDT


Plus: Coaching + Q &A Session - September 28


*Training will be recorded if you can’t make it live.

Why You Don't Want to Miss This

Alex is known worldwide as a top, go-to therapist and teacher for gestalt language processing.


Alex spent years being mentored by the one and only Marge Blanc (author of Natural Language Acquisition) before going on to present nationally and ultimately creating Meaningful Speech, an online learning community for therapists and parents to help their gestalt language processors.


Still wondering what the fuss is all about? Let me tell you more.


Typically we learn that language development follows the progression of one word > two word phrases > 3 word utterances, and so on. This is called analytic language processing. 


But there’s another type of language development - called gestalt language learning. And chances are, if you are working with autistic kids, you’ve encountered gestalt language processors.


These are the kids who might use long strings of unintelligible jargon, but we hear such rich intonation in their production. Or you hear them use scripts they’ve memorized from TV or movies, that may or may not appear to be relevant to the situation.


When we target language development with gestalt language processors in the typical 1 word > 2 word > 3+ word type of way as we would for analytic language learners, we are actually hindering their language development. This is not the way to help a gestalt language processor reach their full communicative potential.


Kids who are gestalt language processors learn language in memorized chunks. Sometimes their phrases might seem like they aren’t functional or meaningful….but that is WRONG!!! [INSERT BUZZER HERE]. 


I’ll be the first to admit, it’s usually an ‘us’ problem - meaning it’s not that they’re not functional or meaningful - it’s that we’re having trouble interpreting their chunks and understanding what they’re communicating.




There is a very specific, well researched way to help gestalt language processors with their communication. And Alex is exactly the person you need to learn the approach from. Why? She’s one of the best. She’s highly trained, she has a ton of experience, and she’s been mentored by the queen, Marge Blanc.


So I am telling you - you do not want to miss this opportunity to participate in not only a training by Alex Zachos, but also get coached by her. Yep, that’s right. After her training, you’ll be invited to submit case-specific questions that she will be answering for you live.

Say no more. I want to join INSIDER now!

Danielle Lindgren, MS, CCC-SLP
Pediatric  Therapy Playhouse

Monday, October 11th

6:00-6:30 p.m. PDT


Plus: Implementation Call - October 25


*Training will be recorded if you can’t make it live.

Why You Don't Want to Miss This

We know that gestalt language processing is such a common pattern of language acquisition in autistic kids, which is why we’ll be focusing on gestalt language processing for a second month with our special guest Danielle Lindgren. 


Danielle is an SLP at Jessie's clinic, Pediatric Therapy Playhouse, and a consultant for parents who are navigating the overwhelming process of setting up school and therapeutic services for their autistic child.


Danielle is passionate about neurodiversity-affirming practices and has quickly become a go-to therapist for gestalt language processing. 


In her training, she will be walking you through case studies with footage from her own sessions, helping you learn how to identify gestalt language processors, how to document gestalts, and where to start in your therapy.


Two weeks after her training, you’ll be invited to join Danielle live for an Implementation Call. This will give you to start going through your caseload, identifying gestalt language processors, and getting 1:1 high level support from Danielle.


This is going to be a very valuable and hands-on learning experience.

I don’t want to have FOMO...I want to join INSIDER right now!

Kajabi Thumbnails (5).png

You can cancel your monthly membership at any time. 

Kajabi Thumbnails (4).png

Meet Celina - Your INSIDER Accountability Coach

Celina is an SLP Assistant and she serves as our INSIDER Accountability Coach. 


She’s here to answer questions from the community and facilitate discussions. But her role goes deeper — 


She knows that inspiration can quickly turn into overwhelm when you’re not sure how to implement what you’ve learned, or apply it on a case-by-case basis. 

Celina has created resources and systems to help you crush the overwhelm and implement what you’ve learned step-by-step. 


And you get access to her genius as part of your membership.

Celina wright.png


When you join, you get immediate access to an entire library of previous trainings.

Here’s what’s waiting for you...

Trainings from Jessie and the INSIDER Team


What Lies Beneath: Challenging Behavior Assessment (34 minutes)


Learn how to use the iceberg analogy as a tool for assessing challenging behaviors.


Tool: Iceberg Analysis Handout & Assessment


What Lies Beneath: Challenging Behavior Treatment (50 minutes)


Learn how to take what you've learned about the child's behaviors, and help the child using a relationships-based approach. 


Creating Sensory-Based Engaging Routines (33 minutes)


Learn how to use sensory-based routines in order to build language and engagement. 


Tool: Creating Routines Session Worksheet


Pretend Play Assessment (37 minutes)


Learn how to use Jessie's Pretend Play Scale to assess all different aspects of play — with real-life examples.


Creating a Master Client Organizational System (36 minutes)


Learn how to implement your new go-to system to catalogue students, track the home/support program, onboard, and reference. 

Special Guest Trainings and Coaching


✓ AAC with Chris Wenger aka Speech Dude (31 minutes)


Learn ALL about AAC —  best practices and core concepts, plus, great information that can be easily passed along to parents.

Tool: AAC Core Concepts Guide


 AAC Group Coaching with Rachel Madel (70 minutes)


Stop in to hear our INSIDER's burning AAC questions answered by Talking with Tech co-host and  internationally known AAC therapist Rachel Madel.


✓ Executive Functioning in Young Learners with Danielle Kent aka The Brainy SLP (60 minutes)


Learn why it’s a myth that only older kids need to work on executive functioning and how to target executive functioning in your young learners.


Plus, you get access to the recorded follow-up coaching and Q & A sessions with previous special guests.


 Monthly Advanced-Level Trainings from Jessie, her team, and special guests, so you can stay up-to-date and expand on your skills, tools, and strategies as an INSIDE OUT therapist (Value: $397)


✓ Monthly Group Coaching Sessions, so you can implement and follow up, ask questions, and get support on what you learned in the training (Value: $197)


✓ Private Online Community filled with other passionate INSIDE OUT therapists ready to offer feedback, support, and advice when you need it (Value: $197)


✓ Accountability Coach to help you stay out of overwhelm and make more progress than you ever have before (Value: $297)

 Bonus Training Library - you get access to every previous training session, plus coaching call replays (Value: $997)



Choose the Membership Plan That’s Right For You...

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Only INSIDE OUT Students and Alumni are eligible to join...

Here’s what other INSIDER Members are loving right now…

I feel like I'm growing so much as a therapist. 

I'm getting all the support I need from this group and more.

I'm feeling confident in implementing the strategies I've learned.

I love belonging to a group full of like-minded, passionate SLPs and SLPAs.

Are you looking for a simple, affordable way to...

  • Dive deeper into INSIDE OUT course content?

  • Receive ongoing autism-specific training?

  • Get support with implementing all of the strategies you’ve learned?

  • Get Continuing Education (CE) hours every month? (You’ll receive a Certificate of Completion for every training you complete)

  • Connect with like-minded SLPs from around the world, who not only have the same foundational knowledge as you do, but also share the same core values and beliefs about working with autistic kids?

Did you answer YES?



INSIDER Membership is perfect for you!

With the monthly plan, you’re free to cancel at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s eligible to join INSIDER?

Therapists are eligible to join if they have completed, or are currently enrolled in, an INSIDE OUT course. If you haven’t, check out the INSIDE OUT Sensory Certificate for SLPs here. Therapists who register who are not eligible will have their subscription cancelled and will not be refunded. Wonder if you're eligible? You can always email our support team to ask:

What’s included with membership?

You get a monthly training with me, my team, or a special guest, monthly follow-up coaching sessions, encouragement and help from our accountability coach, peer masterminds, and access to the members-only community. Plus, you get immediate access to all previous training and coaching sessions.

What happens after I join?

If you already have an account with us, INSIDER Membership will be added to your course library. This is where the recordings of training and coaching sessions are stored. You’ll also receive a link to join the private Facebook Group, where you can meet other INSIDE OUT SLPs, ask questions, and get support and feedback. Plus, I’ll send you a once-a-week email update and reminders for upcoming events.

What if I can’t make it to a live training?

No problem. All of our training and coaching sessions are recorded and available in the membership platform within 24 hours of the live training, so you won’t miss a thing.

Can I cancel at any time?

If you join with the monthly plan, you can cancel at any time. Just send us an email at at least 7 days before your next billing date, and we’ll get you taken care of. If you join with the 6-month, or annual membership, you can cancel after 6 months, or 12 months respectively, by sending us an email at least 7 days before your next billing date.

Do I get access to you, Jessie?

Absolutely. This membership is the easiest, most affordable way to get access to me. I’m available to answer your questions during group coaching sessions. You’ll also have access to our Accountability Coach Celina in the Facebook Group, and a follow-up group coaching session with each of our guest trainers. The idea is that you never feel stuck (for long!), or feel left behind, when you have a whole community that has your back.

Do you offer REFUNDS?

Due to the digital nature of this product, and all of the hard work we’ve put into it, we don’t offer refunds. If you’re unsure if it’s right for you, try it out on the monthly plan. That way, you can cancel at any time.


A Personal Message from Jessie

Whenever I go to a new training I walk away with the BEST feeling. My head is spinning with therapy ideas, and I just can’t wait to get back to work and use everything I learn!


But inevitably, what happens? 


I get busy. I get new kids on my caseload. I get piles of reports that need to be written. 


Then, when I’m ready to use everything I’ve learned, there’s one thing missing — a mentor...someone to help guide and support me, answer my questions, and walk me through how to implement the strategies, case by case.


This has happened to me with every training I’ve ever done. It’s so frustrating to feel like you don’t have the support to implement what you’ve paid to learn.


That’s why I created INSIDER.


After each Inside Out training, I want you to be able to immediately implement what you’ve learned, and more importantly, do it with confidence. 


I want you to have the support you need when you have a challenging case and a group of professionals to bounce ideas off of. 


That’s exactly what you get with the Insider Membership: Trusted training, trusted support, and a trusted community. 


I hope you’ll join us now, so you can catch the training session with Gestalt Language Processing Specialist Alex Zachos of Meaningful Speech on September 21, as well as the follow-up Q & A on September 28. 


Just click here to choose the plan that works best for you. 


I can’t wait to see you on the Inside! ;)