ASD from the Inside Out

Building the deep, meaningful relationships that all children deserve.

ASD from the Inside Out is a treatment approach that is rooted in Floortime.

This is a specialized training for SLPs working with young children on the spectrum.

Our Core Values

We treat our clients as if they were our own kids.

We understand that children thrive in warm, nurturing environments, and we give children the respect, love, and compassion they need to earn our trust and connect with us in a meaningful way.

We think big picture but we never underestimate the power in the details.

We reverse engineer the child’s life by asking the family where they want to see their child in 20, 30 years from now. Then we work backwards. We determine what our day-to-day therapy needs to look like in order to keep the child on that trajectory.

We value solid foundations.


We emphasize the importance of targeting regulation, engagement, and motivation, because we know that these areas are the foundation for developing novel language and dynamic social-emotional skills.

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The Course

ASD from the Inside Out is a go-at-your-own pace online course for SLPs that provides you with a step-by-step system for assessing and treating young children on the autism spectrum.

The course addresses 6 core assessment & treatment areas:

  1. Sensory processing & self-regulation

  2. Engagement & motivation to communicate

  3. Prelinguistic & language skills

  4. Flexibility

  5. Play skills

  6. Social interaction


engagement & motivation?

attention & regulation?

play & social skills?

Want to learn how to improve a child's...

start treating from the inside out 

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