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If you feel like:

  • You need innovative ideas for assessing and treating kids on the spectrum

  • Your kids are plateauing and aren't generalizing skills outside of therapy sessions

  • You could use a step-by-step guide to help you organize and plan your sessions


ASD from the

Inside Out

What's included?

  • GUIDES - explaining the six assessment and treatment areas

  • TOOLKITS - containing printable assessments, worksheets, and Action Plans that you can   use immediately in your therapy sessions

  • HOW-TO VIDEOS - for each assessment and treatment area by ASD expert Jessie Ginsburg


What will this course cover? Watch now to learn more.

Take a peek inside the course here.

What ASD from the Inside Out trained therapists are saying:

"Jessie shares an incredibly systematic way of assessing, treating, and then sharing information with parents and teachers."

"I feel more prepared to coach parents and teachers, as well as more organized in how to assess and plan therapy sessions!"

"I have never seen anything like Jessie’s pretend play scale. I like how it is set up and broken down into stages. I look forward to putting it into practice with my students!"

"It's so nice to have checklists and action plans ready to use, thank you!"

"I loved all the sensory activities. It gave me so many ideas of things to try and I didn't feel like I was doing the same thing over and over."

"This program aligns with much of what I believe to be best practice. This course has given me the language and tools to support advocating for a child-first and child led type of approach when collaborating as a team. I feel like I have the tools now necessary to have these discussions with others."

"This course has reinforced what I do, but more importantly, given me the language and tools to help provide rationale to others for tapping into intrinsic motivation, starting with engagement and foundation skills to others when collaborating as a team."

"The biggest "ah-ha" moment was the overarching theme of this program, which is tapping into intrinsic motivation. There are so many voices and programs that emphasize extrinsic rewards that sometimes it's easy to feel defeated in advocating for building intrinsic motivation, but I feel that this program has given me the language and tools to advocate to others the importance of building intrinsic motivation."