Treating Autism from the Inside Out



Train your entire team in ASD from the Inside Out while gaining hands-on experience & coaching with your own clients. 


Sharpen your autism assessment & treatment skills through virtual 1:1 therapist coaching sessions with Jessie.


Learn game-changing strategies for working with kids on the spectrum through Jessie's free videos.


Transform the way you treat young children with autism through Jessie's online course, ASD from the Inside Out.


Inspire, empower, and train the therapists attending your events by inviting Jessie to speak.

Want to start treating kids with autism from the inside out?


Download Jessie's free Autism Core Skills Evaluation to rethink, redesign, and revive your therapy sessions

Autism Core Skills Evaluation

Free Download

Through her national publications and talks, and her top-ranked multidisciplinary clinic in Los Angeles, Jessie inspires a new way of thinking about the SLP's role in working with young children with autism. 

I have completely changed my perspective on working with students with ASD, and am truly focusing on engagement and interaction.

Jessie has put to paper my exact feelings on working with children with ASD - having meaningful interaction and a desire to connect with others is of the utmost importance.

I am on Cloud 9! Jessie's ideas for fun therapy sessions are INCREDIBLE! I cannot wait to use them in my sessions.

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